Hi! I'm Gonçalo,

and we will be working together

Simple, Smart and Modern.

I design efficient apps that you can be proud of

stuff I'm good at

  • IT management
  • Systems Engineer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Technical Solutions
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I've worked for all of the above.

Imagine what I can do for your brand or business

Diversity & Difference

From managing small teams, to being in charge of the IT of 200+ employees, to working all nighters at home with just some coffee for company (ok, maybe a beer or five), I've excelled in all areas I propose to work on, and I've acquired a wide range of expertise while doing so. Oh and I also went to school so that a diploma is the reason I get payed. 

If you need things done, I'm your guy. 

here's a chart

mobile development
Lan/WLan Administration
iOS Apps
LAMP (PHP and Perl) Development
all the other stuff I'm good at